Children's Portrait Shoot

So, you've booked a photo-shoot, picked a beautiful location and you've even chosen a couple of outfits for your little one.  It's all set, you can see her gorgeous smiley face on a canvass in your living room.  

But how on earth do you to get them to smile naturally? It can sometimes be a bit tricky getting them to perform on cue, oftentimes resulting in a pained expression or a grimace as the earnestly attempt to fulfil our request. 

But hang on a minute, there's an easy fix for this that does not include uttering the words, 'say cheese!"  Treat them like the intelligent, curious humans like they are and just chat with them.  Ask them questions like, "what's your favourite movie", "does your daddy tell rubbish jokes?" and "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Good old fashioned chat that I find, elicits all manner or natural and priceless expressions, from shy smiles to explosions of joy.  

All the expressions which show your child as they truly are, complex, fascinating, fun people! 




Jodie Bawden